2019 Documentary Video Of Shangyuan Art Museum

Some of the words


From Tibet back to the plain into normal life almost a year.The climate on the outskirts of Beijing is similar to that of Lhasa, except that the altitude is not so high.The museum is located under yanshan mountain, and the surrounding natural ecology is quite well preserved, with four distinct seasons.When the sun is shining, it gives me the illusion that I am still in heaven.

Filming of the documentary began in April.At first, the idea was very simple, just to record their own life and the surrounding ecological environment.It turned out that the artists working in the museum were also interesting.They have strong personalities and strange behaviors.Different age groups, different artistic concepts, different nationalities, different living habits and so on, are magically integrated in this place.Tolerance, equality, freedom and authenticity are my immediate feelings, which triggered my idea of photographing them.With the permission of each artist, I started this long project.

I call this place an asylum for the paranoid, an Open Source Code, an orchard for thinking about the ultimate human problem.


My thoughts in Shangyuan

Author|Gal.la Uriol Jané (Spain)

For me this place is like a magical island, an unreal space that constantly confronts me with the difference, with the strange. In every minimal and daily action I see that the rules, causes and effects that I know do not work or are altered by taking mysterious forms. I stop, listen to them and feel an immense silence full of shrill songs of a lot of exotic insects that I cannot identify and they are taking over: now a group takes center stage and then another, weaving an enigmatic symphony. It is a fantastic, hypnotic noise.

And there are also the walls with traces of the other artists who have previously inhabited these rooms.

And time, doing bizarre pirouettes, lengthening infinitely and suddenly retracting in a few seconds. What a joy to have so much time! “What is the real cost of time?” Someone has written on the kitchen wall. And next to the window, which frames a spongy landscape with a red, pink and yellow sky at sunset.

And the noises that the neighbors of this community make, not many, a crawling chair, laughs at midnight.

And intense, terrifying dreams, the wind snapping a door repeatedly. And the thunderous noises of trains and planes that always pass by.

A stop without platform in my life, like a floating parenthesis. I don’t know what I’ve come to look for in China but what I’ve found in Shangyuan far exceeds all expectations. Perhaps a way to abstract myself and take distance, to break with the more or less routine boràgine that I have been building. Get rid of the inertia that drives us into the future, the same speed of which makes reflection almost impossible or shapes it closer to comfort.

I have landed here as an alien, first relieved to be free of my family obligations, then facing my demons, now beginning to appreciate a new state. Everything changes, everything moves, everything also contains its opposite.

I have come to this island to get lost and meet again.


「 Gal. La Uriol Jane was born in 1978 in Barcelona.She communicated and studied at The University of Kunst in Germany in 2001, where she was taught by the then Professor George Baselitz.In 2003, she graduated from the University of Barcelona with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in painting.In 2006, she studied art and theory at the School of Design at the University of Barcelona and completed her research project 」